Technical Papers

Instructions for Authors

Please not that your final papers MUST be formatted to IEEE Computer Society Proceedings Manuscript Formatting Guidelines (see link to “formatting instructions” below). It is highly recommended that you proofread and check the layout of your paper BEFORE submitting it to PDF eXpress™.

  • Papers must be single-spaced, 2-column numbered pages in IEEE Xplore format.
  • Formatting Instructions: 8.5" x 11" x 2 ( DOC, PDF) LaTex Formatting Macros
  • Full/Short papers should not exceed 10/4 pages NOT counting references.
  • The camera-ready version should be uploaded via the link sent to you by email.
  • The hard deadline for submitting the camera-ready version of your paper is July 31st, 2017

    Additional Pages

  • Full papers: 10 pages + reference pages + 2 extra pages ($200 per page)
  • Short papers: 4 pages + reference pages (no extra page)
  • Poster papers: 2 pages (no reference nor extra page)
  • Workshop papers: Up to 2 extra pages ($200 per page)