Honolulu is served by the Honolulu International Airport which is located at only 20 minutes in car from the Waikiki beach hotel area. HNL is the largest airport in the State of Hawaii and is located in Honolulu on the island of Oahu.

There are also departures daily from HNL to Anchorage, Atlanta, Belllingham, Brisbane, Calgary, Chicago, Dallas-Fort Worth, Denver, Guam, Haneda, Houston, Incheon, Kansai, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Manila, Melbourne, Nagoya, Narita, Newark, Oakland, Pago Pago, Phoenix, Portland, Sacramento, Salt Lake City, San Diego, San Francisco, San Jose, Seattle-Tacoma, Seoul, Sydney and Vancouver.

Hotel Venue

The designated hotel for the IEEE Cluster 2017 conference is the Sheraton Waikiki. One of Hawaii’s more recognized landmarks, the Sheraton Waikiki, stands at the tip of Waikiki Beach next to the Royal Hawaiian. You are steps away from the new Galleria, International Marketplace and more. This central location is used by almost every tour company for daily pick-up and drop-off to activities, sightseeing and shopping. Here is a more detailed view of the property location.

A personalized Hotel Reservation Website for IEEE Cluster 2017 (September 5, 2017 - September 8, 2017) has been created. Please use it for your hotel reservation.


Honolulu is located in the Oahu island. The Waikiki beach is famous world-wide as one of the best surfing spots. You can find more information about the Oahu island here. Also, a list of the top sights and attractions of the Oahu island is available here.

In addition, most of the hotels in the area offer information about the activities that tourists can enjoy in the Waikiki beach.

Visa Procedures

Please note that the information in this webpage are for guidelines only. Full details can be found at the US Department of State Information  About US Visas website.

Visitors Eligible for Visa Waiver Program

You may be eligible to visit the US without an immigrant visa if you are traveling for tourism or business, for up to 90 days, with a passport issued by one of the countries that participate in the  Visa Waiver Program (VWP). Please refer to the above VWP link for the procedure and necessary document when traveling to US.

Other Visitors

If you are traveling to the United States with a passport issued by any other country, you must apply for a visa. Please read these procedures carefully:

To apply for a visa, you must have a “letter of invitation.” Cluster will issue letters of invitation to assist the process. Be sure that you have registered and paid in full. Then, submit a request for an invitation letter at this page. Once we have received this information, we can send a PDF signed letter confirming your registration.

After you receive the letter of invitation, visit your local United States embassy webpage or call consulate for the visa application procedure. For information on the embassy or consulate closest to you, see  Links to United States Embassies and Consulates Worldwide. We strongly recommend that you start the process as soon as possible in order to obtain the necessary documents.

Note that when you go to the embassy or consulate for your interview, you will be asked to pay a nonrefundable application fee and submit necessary materials. Detailed information can be found in the US Embassy webpage in your county.